viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Getting into the MotorSport Industry

I'm 17 Years Old and CRAZY about car racing... (Mainly Rallying).
I'm living in West London (Northolt) and there's nothing here to do with car racing apart from people belting down the streets with their mk2 golfs.
I don't get money due to family not exactly being "rich" and so doing anything with cars is quite hard for me.
Getting a job is easier said than done for me for some reason considering I've got good grades and I'm a great peoples person.

Getting back to the point though, is there any advice on how to get into the MotorSport industry considering money is a big issue for me?
I'm currently on a Level 1 Course in Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair at Uxbridge College but want to know more about tuning cars for race/rally
spec and getting behind the wheel myself.

Any Ideas? I would be overly grateful.


Felice Agostini Giacomo Agostini

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