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HRC Maybe Can Have Three Factory Supported Riders on 2013

Shuhei Nakamoto, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi

Shuhei Nakamoto the executive vice president of HRC give his opinion on GPOne, that maybe Honda can have three factory supported riders on next season.

Last year, Repsol Honda MotoGP team have three riders on their line up, Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa, and Andrea Dovizioso. This year, they only have two riders, and Dovizioso now with Yamaha. Nakamoto explained, the main reason they back to two riders was budget. HRC need big funds on 1000cc bike development. 

Nakamoto said, "Last year we had three factory riders but we had to reduce the number to two because this is the first year with 1000cc and we needed a lot of money for the development of RC213V. But for next year may be we can have three factory supported riders. Why not?"

So, if HRC will race with three factory supported riders, who will fill the line up? As Casey Stoner announced his retirement, Repsol Honda only have Dani Pedrosa on the team. According to the rumors on Spanish press, Jorge Lorenzo will join Repsol Honda (because of Spanish strong influence on Repsol Honda). Nakamoto said that he already talked to Lorenzo's manager just as an introduction.

"I have already spoken to Jorge’s manager here in Barcelona as he wanted to see me. Not a negotiation but just introducing ourselves. That is quite normal to see someone, when he asks to see you", said Nakamoto-san.

About Valentino Rossi chance bak to Honda, Nakamoto said that if Rossi want to come back, he have to build the satellite team with Honda. "Not to the factory team, but he can ask satellite Honda teams if he wants. I think he can bring a big sponsorship and that will be welcomed by many teams". said Nakamoto in answer about Rossi.

Last candidate for the riders fulfillment is Marc Marquez. Unfortunately, MotoGP regulation didn't allow rookie to join factory team. 

According to Nakamoto statement about three factory supported riders, if Rossi or Marquez join Honda as satellite, they will get a factory bike like Simoncelli last year.

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