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Pedrosa Not Worried with the Practice Result

Dani Pedrosa Catalunya 2012

Dani Pedrosa was 0.8 seconds behind Lorenzo on the FP2 Catalunya yesterday. Pedrosa said that it was not a big problem for him, because on the second practice, Pedrosa used a harder compound. The main goal on the yesterday's practice was test the tyres for the race.

"Our main target today has been to properly test the tyres because it will be very important to make the right choice for the race. Here in the past, the soft tyre worked quite well with high temperatures, but we still don't know how long it will last."

"I did the whole morning practice with the softer compound and I kept the hard in the afternoon and I felt good with both. My lap times were almost identical in both conditions, and the riders in front put the softer at the end, so I'm not worried with my position today. "

"It's also true that they have improved the times by a second, so we will need to understand better if the softer will last the race distance. 25 laps are a lot, you spend a lot of time on the edge of the tyre and it's import ant to keep them 'fresh' until the end. We will keep working on some details tomorrow morning in order to be ready for the qualifying."

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Source: http://www.zimbio.com/MotoGP/articles/LrM4Fiau3dg/Pedrosa+Not+Worried+Practice+Result

Javier Arumi Sadao Asami

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