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Motion Pro Square Drive Spinner T-Handle

T-Handle sockets can be found in just about every professional bike mechanic’s toolbox thanks to their ability to make many jobs easier and faster. If you’re looking to add T-Handle convenience to your toolbox, but don’t want to worry about fitting an entire set, Motion Pro has the answer in their square drive Spinner T-Handle.

The Motion Pro Spinner T-Handles feature your choice of ⅜” or ¼” sizes so that you can snap your own sockets right on and go right to work. Similar to standard T-Handle sockets, the Spinner has a lot of reach, allowing you to get into hard to reach areas without losing the leverage you need to break loose a stubborn bolt. The feature that sets it apart from others is the addition of floating spinner grip on the shaft of the tool. This lets you firmly hold the socket in place while spinning it freely in either direction. To further aid in the spinning of the tool, Motion Pro gave it a heavy, rubber coated handle that gives you a comfortable grip.

The Motion Pro Spinner gives you the same speed and convenience of a standard set of T-Handle sockets, but with a lot of added versatility and a lifetime warranty. You can order yours from Riders Discount by getting in touch with Brad at 866.931.6644 ext. 810, or by sending a PM through this forum. If email is more convenient, feel free to send one to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

Motion Pro Spinner T-Handle - $20 shipped in the lower 48

The Spinner T-Handle features a heavy, rubber coated grip that makes it easy to get leverage and to spin it.

⅜” square drive (also available in ¼”) means that you can grab one of your sockets and go right to work.

The blue anodized spinner section is laser etched and features low friction bearings for easy spinning while you keep pressure on the fastener.


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