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Stoner denies devise to competition V8s

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Rejection … Casey Stoners wants some-more time during home, not on a track.
Petr David Josek / AP

MotoGP universe champion Casey Stoner has flatly deserted conjecture he will competition V8 Supercars subsequent year.

Stoner, who will retire during a finish of a season, will be only 27 when he creates his final coming during home in a Australian Grand Prix during Phillip Island in October.

He cited a detriment of passion for racing and a enterprise for family time with mother Adriana and baby daughter Alessandra as a categorical reasons for his retirement.

“Am we going to race V8s subsequent year? No, I’m going to stay home and watch my small lady grow adult for a while,” Stoner said.

“I wish to suffer that impulse when we don’t have to go contrast and ready yourself ideally for a competition season.

“I wish to suffer myself and be free. Number one, we will suffer my family and not have to highlight about a subsequent race.”

Rumours of an evident switch by Stoner to V8 racing, fasten a 888 Team of Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup, have also been denied by organisation trainer Roland Dane.

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Dane reliable he had no skeleton to enhance his organisation with Ipswich 300 leader Lowndes and Whincup both underneath agreement subsequent year.

Following his win in final week’s US Grand Prix, Stoner is equal fourth in a all-time winners’ list with 37 victories, turn with a mythological Mike Hailwood.

MotoGP promoters are presaging Stoner could be offering wildcard invitations to races in a second half of a 2013 season, maybe a Phillip Island GP.

“I’d have to consider about it and we haven’t suspicion about it too much. we only wish to finish this year and do a best we can,” Stoner said.

“I’ve had no second thoughts – I’m timid from full-time racing.”

Rumours that Stoner would compensate $2.5 million for a V8 Supercar authorization and run his possess organisation were also discharged by his father and business manager Colin Stoner.

“Absolutely not – Casey won’t be profitable for a organisation licence, that is for sure,” Colin Stoner said.

“If he indispensable to do that only to race, he can go and float motorbikes for a lot, lot some-more money.”


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