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2012 Transfers : It moves in all directions!

Just two weeks before the Grand Prix AMVof France in Brignole, new transfer rumours have invaded the EWC...HM HondaOn the side of the Italian company, still supported by Honda Europe, things look clearer now. Franco MAYR (Team Manager) is set to retain Simone ALBERGONI (I) to ride in Enduro 1 and is seduced by Alex SALVINI (I). The former motocross rider would ride in E2. It also appears that the new 2012 ISDE Team World Champion, Rodrig THAIN (F) is not renewed...KTMFabio FARIOLIis currently refining his Championship winning squad. Antoine MEO (F), Christophe NAMBOTIN (F) and Cristobal GUERRERO (E) are all confirmed, the third 'Frenchie' of the team, Johnny AUBERT (F), is also about to renew his contract. David KNIGHT (GB) isn't staying with uncertainties surrounding Eero REMES (SF). Finally, the rumours surrounding the return of Ivan CERVANTES (E)to KTM are increasingly insistent and it even seems that both parties have reached an agreement ... for a return in Enduro 3!HusabergThe Swedish manufacturer has already re-signed Enduro Junior World Champion Mathias BELLINO (F) and Oriol MENA (E) and has extended the contracts of Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F) and Joakim LJUNGGREN (S). Team Manager Thomas GUSTAVSSON is looking for another rider for the Enduro Junior class, possibly Spain's Mario ROMAN. Finally, the news of Eero REMES (SF)to ride in Enduro 1 on the new FE 250 seems uncertain... CH RacingThe eight-time World Champion Juha SALMINEN (SF) is still under contract. But Matti SEISTOLA (SF) is in "stand-by" and Alex SALVINI (I) is headed to HM Honda, it looks that the firm based in Varese is in total reconstruction. Fabrizio AZZALIN hopes to recruit Pela RENET have vanished, Lorenzo SANTOLINO (E) should always be part of the team and Thomas OLDRATI (I) has given his agreement, in principle, to join the CH Racing team. "AZZA" would also keep the French Romain DUMONTIER (F)...Gas GasExit Ivan CERVANTES (E) and Ludivine PUY (F), the Catalan manufacturer has lost its longest standing ambassador and the driver that has brought most of its title over these last years in Enduro. It remains in the ranks of the Spanish Laia SANZ (E) the new female terror and the 2012 ISDE Team World Champion Sebastien GUILLAUME (F). For his part, Rui GONCALVES (P) has denied any possible arrival in Enduro while Santi NAVARRO has been fired. The next Gas Gas squad is surrounded by many uncertainties...      Other teams and rumoursOn the side of the official teams Beta, TMand the teams Bordone Ferrari, Beta Boano, Johansson MPE and Yamaha O.Pons, no filter...Shercohas already completed its recruitment with Fabien PLANET (F)and Jeremy TARROUX (F)in the official team and Julien GAUTHIER (F) and ex-Crossman Anthony BOISSIERE (F) with Moto Pulsion.A new private team is about to emerge. Composed of Romain DUMONTIER (F)and Juliette BERREZ (F), this team could ride on Yamaha or KTM.David KNIGHTFor the Isle of Man giant, who's leaving KTM, the Hondaoption seems to be complicate and the situation difficult. The trail of a private team still seems the most serious ... with Kawasaki? But back in the U.S. in GNCCalso seems possible...Communication Enduro World Championship - www.enduro-abc.com -

Source: http://www.fim-live.com/en/media/news/news-detail/article/1349776868-2012-transfers-it-moves-in-all-directions/

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